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Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the widely used internet marketing forms, across the world. On contrary to search engine optimization (SEO), which uses organic search, SEM uses paid search advertisements to generate traffic and create brand awareness. It deploys pay-per-click (PPC), which is a process that uses a ranking system to place the advertisements in the order as per the number of clicks received.

This form of internet marketing involves researching and placing of a website within SERPs in order to acquire increased brand visibility and subsequently generate maximum possible traffic to a website. The primary objective of SEM is to get your ads equipped with the relevant content, placed in front of the targeted audience. These ads are visible in the paid section of the SERPs and the best part is that these ads remain free unless the users click on your ads. The mechanism behind the rankings of these ads is how much you pay for the relevant keywords pertaining to your business. The more popular a keyword is, the more money would have to be paid, and subsequently the higher the placement of the ad would be.


When compared to the SEO, SEM is a broader term which includes various marketing techniques pertaining to search engine and SEO is one of them. SEM involves various marketing practices, which are associated with the search engine and SEO is one of those practices. Both of them have their own benefits. While SEO will ensure that your website ranks higher in the organic search, the SEM will be responsible to capture the top position of the sponsored section of the SERPs.

Wondering why to opt for it?

If you are skeptical about investing in SEM, then you might consider these which could certainly benefit your business:

  • Gathers attention: The keywords used in the paid ads are the widely used keywords. If a user initiates a search using these keywords it means he is already looking for what you have got. What’s better than your ad been placed in front of an interested user?
  • Quick and measurable results: : Unlike SEO, you can witness quick results that too in a measurable form. More number of users clicking on your ad means it is performing better. It is easy to keep a track of the number of clicks received.
  • Transparency: With SEM you can easily analyze the performance of your ad by keeping a record of the number of clicks received. This provides you a great freedom of crafting future strategies according to the current performance of your ad.
  • Free promotion: This is indeed a best part about the paid ads. Your business gets a free exposure across the sponsored section of the SERPs. You only have to pay once your ad gets a click. The payment is decided by the total number of clicks received.

Do we still need to conclude that how SEM can bring out these advantages and help your business to grow online? It’s time to invest in SEM today and reap the benefits it has to offer.

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