Wifi Routers


WS-WN535M3 Dual Band Home Mesh Wifi System

$ 149.99 $ 199.99 (Save 25%)

CF-WR619AC Wifi Router

$ 64.99 $ 86.66 (Save 25%)

CF-WR758AC Wifi Repeater

$ 59.99 $ 80.00 (Save 25%)

WS-WH1000-HD Wireless Extender

$ 219.99 $ 293.66 (Save 25%)

WS-WN535M2 Dual Band Home Mesh Wifi System

$ 124.99 $ 166.66 (Save 25%)
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About Wifi Routers

As more and more devices used in home begin to use internet technology for operation, there is a need to have the best wifi routers at home and offices so that the smart devices can be operated without any issues.

Server Center brings you the latest WiFi routers with the best technology. From high speed routers, range extenders and repeaters to the wireless mesh routers, these high performing wi-fi routers offer high speed internet connection over a longer range. Mesh routers are based on latest technology, such as the beamforming and touchlink technologies. You can buy these routers online with free shipping facility. If you have to order in bulk, please fill out the form provided here and we will get back to you with the best prices.