MAG series of media players are the product of Infomir, a highly reputed brand for set top boxes (STBs). Within this series, it has launched a number of products over past many years which have been based on the latest technologies in the field. Being a market leader, the company has invested resources to develop the smart TV boxes which deliver top-class quality of audio-visual output and that are known for high level of performance. Two of these STBs are MAG522w3 and MAG524w3, which have sold very well in USA and Canada market for the last many years. On comparing these models, we found that there are many commonalities between the two. In fact, the common features far outnumber the difference. So, let us have a look at what makes these such dependable and reliable models.

These models are based on Linux 4.9 OS which is highly reliable since there is no need to reboot these STBs for months. Both use the Amlogic S905X2 chipset and ARM Cortex-A53 CPU which makes these good in performance.

You know that these deliver a 4k quality experience while viewing. To make this happen, these use the built-in HEVC codec which delivers 60fps. An additional benefit of this codec is that it works well in low-internet speed situations as well. So, the viewing experience is not disrupted even if the internet speed is down.

Besides the codec, it makes use of the patented Dolby Digital Plus sound technology for best audio experience. Those who have experienced this technology before know that it is one of the finest in delivering exceptional audio.

Both of these devices are be connected using HDMI 2.1 cable interface and work well with internet connections of more than 100 mbps. This can be connected to any latest smart android TV with ease.

Both have 1 GB RAM and 4 GBeMMC memory which is ample for running the media files.

Both the media players make use of the 2T2R ac wifi network which is known for good connectivity.

Both of these devices provide API integrations for various purposes which allows these to be used in different various and allows seamless integration with various devices.

The Differences

While these are some of the common features of these two boxes, there are difference as well. These differences are with respect to their weight, with the MAG522w3 being 125 g and MAG524w3 being 170 g in weight. Additionally, there are differences in the codec versions supported by these devices with MAG524w3 being compatible with the latest ones.