In general terms, the knowledge you gain on a particular subject would be determined by the source which you employ for this purpose. Today, the process of Search Engine Optimization has become more or less technical. For this reason, you are supposed to rely upon authoritative blogs to instill knowledge. Even a simple mistake made in understanding a specific topic can have a negative impact on your website when you try to practically implement it.

If you are planning to pursue a career in SEO and do not feel confident about your skills related to SEO, the best option is to be familiar with some great articles or blogs from those who are experienced in this field. For achieving continuous success in the SEO industry, it is essential to be updated about the recent and the best practices of SEO and incorporating this knowledge to cater to the ever-changing requirements of the customers. In fact, if you follow the best SEO blogs, you will certainly be able to catch up pace with the latest trends in the SEO industry.

Regardless of whether you are a SEO expert or a site owner, or a SEO consultant, it is advisable to follow the top SEO blogs. Further, the trending news, topics, how-to articles, videos, guides, etc. would be quite beneficial for you in the long run.

In the below given list are given some of the best blogs meant for SEO enthusiasts so that they can improve their skills in this field.
1. Moz

Launched in the year 2004, it is considered as one of the most trusted sources which imparts SEO knowledge. Within a short time, it has designed several SEO tools and is well-known for its slick design. The video series published by Moz termed as “White Friday” has gained wide acclaim from the users across the web. In fact, closely following this blog led by Rand Fishkin will help you to not miss any SEO-related updates.

2. Search Engine Land

Founded by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land is regarded as one of the best authoritative resources in the field of marketing. It organizes several events as well as conferences like Search Marketing Expo. Industry giants like Cisco, Dell, eBay, etc. have actively participated in these events and reaped huge benefits from the learning experience acquired from here.

Further, it is a popular resource for SEO News as well and includes the ongoing trends happening in the search engine turf, and also provides expert analysis, tips, and how-to guides. In fact, this blog has the recognition of breaking any flash news concerned with the SEO industry in the first instance. Another interesting aspect about this blog is that you can read dozens of relevant posts on a particular topic. Further, all the SEO queries posted by the users are answered right away in Search Engine Land.
3. Search Engine Journal

This site was launched in 2003 and contains articles written by the top-notch SEO experts. Search Engine Journal has its own contributors as well as guest bloggers who offer informative and high-quality content. For this reason, you can hear a variety of voices in different topics. Like Search Engine Land, this company also hosts SEJ Summit which is intended for both SEO beginners and experts. It also offers educational eBooks for those who are new to the industry. Further, the latest SEO News and other events are also covered here. The topics available in this blog range from content marketing , paid search, SEO, social media , and the like. Interestingly, you can expect around five to ten new posts on a daily basis which necessarily include quality guides and how-to for the sake of online marketers.
4. HubSpot

It is an institution which offers articles on sales and marketing. Considering the relevance of Internet marketing, there are several knowledgeable articles available here on topics including call centers, local rankings, mobile devices, digital marketing, web designing, and so on. There are also other valuable resources like marketing library, case studies, sales and marketing training, and so on. It offers a unique way of writing, and what makes it favorite for the readers is the conversational tone present in the articles that gives a human touch to it, making it easy to understand.

It also offers SEO news, how-to Internet marketing posts, analysis, etc. which helps the marketers as well as SEO enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest trends.
5. Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is popular as a digital marketer and his strategies and tips are well-known in the SEO world. In fact, his articles and techniques are widely discussed across the digital marketing world owing to the specific style followed by him and also the different interactive features he employs. His focus is mainly upon offering practical tips that can be implemented easily and quickly. Apart from the blog, he also owns another well-known resource called Quick Sprout. This initiative from him provides in-depth information about traffic as well as analytics. This blog is unique from others and you will be able to find many practical tips that are quite effective.
6. Kissmetrics

This prominent SEO blog was launched in 2008 and in a short time, it became popular as one of the most sought-after blogs which focuses upon conversion, growth, and customer relations. Unlike some SEO blogs that place emphasis on the technical aspects, Kissmetrics tries to give an idea to the visitors about the commercial side of SEO. The mastermind behind this blog is Neil Patel, the famous digital marketer. This SEO blog is about analyzing as well as optimizing your website with updated SEO techniques which helps you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, it is considered as an encyclopedia of SEO where you get every information related to SEO.
7. WordStream

Founded in 2007, WordStream was a provider of tools in the budding stages, and later turned into offering quality content related to SEO. It is a primary partner of Google and is regarded as one of the most popular PPC (Pay-per-click) companies across the entire web. Another interesting aspect about WordStream is that it covers even the minute changes in the algorithms.

8. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a SEO blog which is quite user friendly. In fact, it is powered by WordPress which helps the sites to improve the rankings by means of properly optimized web pages. The topics covered here include those related to SEO, site analysis, social media, and optimization of conversion rates. The website design is slick and promotes easy navigation, which helps the users to locate the content quickly. For this reason, it is an ideal place to begin with, for newbies in blogging. Since it is a WordPress plugin, you can easily add Meta tags, title tags, etc. to your posts. Further, this site offers detailed information on how to use SEO and optimize the website in such a way as to rank high in the search engine results list.
9. SEMRush

SEMRush is renowned as a suitable tool for competitive analysis of SEO. However, the company does not fair much when it comes to providing content. It deals with different topics such as SEO, SMM, PPC, and any other topic related to augmenting the presence of your website online. SEMRush is also considered as moderately efficient in detecting links. It offers a strong blogging platform which allows SEO and other marketing professionals online to express their views, thoughts, expertise, and the like.
10. Search Engine Watch

If you are in search of an excellent source of learning, then Search Engine Watch is the best option. As a valued source of SEO, it offers a lot of insights for beginners as well as intermediaries. Along with this, you can also get the latest news on SEO here as they share several stories from many other websites on a weekly basis.
11. Ahrefs

It is one of the biggest resource of SEO news, advice, opinions, research, and reference. This blog is quite helpful in understanding SEO in the practical sense by making use of detailed tutorials, case studies, opinions from different SEO experts, etc. Further, it is regarded as one of the most appropriate tools available to check links.

12. Backlinko

The brain child of Brian Dean, Backlinko is an informative blog which is growing in a faster pace. There are several SEO tips and tricks provided here.
13. SEO Hacker

There are only a few blogs which focus upon YouTube SEO. This is what makes SEO Hacker different from other bloggers. Apart from offering copywriting, this site also provides some useful YouTube tips which help to give a face-lift to your blog. Furthermore, it is also a popular resource for video content and provides insights on how to improve the number of returning visitors, how to optimize the conversion rates, and so on.

To sum it up, this list of blogs will certainly help you to gain valuable insights on SEO and several other topics in order to stay ahead of the rat race.