If you're disappointed with your online gaming experience, consider investing in one of the best gaming routers. For just about everything online these days, let alone gaming, you need a consistent, strong signal. And you don't want to deal with any disruptions or lags when playing one of your favourite online games because they could spoil, or at the very least frustrate, your ability to play.

Even if you have a gaming PC with the most up-to-date components, you'll be limited if you don't have a decent router. In addition, even if you prefer offline single-player games, you'll need control over your internet connection when downloading games or large updates, whether to avoid interruptions or prioritize gaming-related traffic.

If you or someone in your family is a passionate gamer, it's time to invest in the best gaming routers. Please get rid of the inferior ISP rented and replace it with one that can meet all your online needs, whether downloading the latest PC games or connecting a new next-generation console. This guide covers everything from routers with features for gamers to routers with cutting-edge technologies such as WiFi6.

Asus RTAX86U is an Asus router

Overall Specifications of the Best Gaming Router

1 WAN / 1 Multi-Gig WAN, 2 USB Ports, 4 LAN Gigabit / s Throughout Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.7x3.1 inch Peak 3.0929.7Mbps

Reasons to Purchase

·         Exceptional Throughout

·         Security software with free updates for life

·         Multi-Gigabit Inputs and Port Aggregation

·         Customization Alternatives

Reasons to stay away

·         Ping Heat Map and Geofencing

Performance is everything when it comes to the best gaming routers. Asus RTAX86U is a Wi-Fi 6 powerhouse with great Speed, great gaming capabilities, and customization options.

It's a terrific solution to safeguard your entire home network, delivering long-term protection with no monthly costs and a two-year warranty, with high-end performance and lifetime protection against intruders and malware.

The major draw of the Asus RTAX86U is its performance, which approaches the magical 1Gbps level and allows you can connect to all of your devices quickly and easily.

The RTAX86U has excellent range and performance, even through walls and between floors, and is appropriate for both general-purpose and elite gaming routers, with a mix of features and ports found in the top routers.

Look no farther than the Asus RTAX86U if you want the best Wi-Fi 6 gaming router.

TPLink Archer C5400X


·         8 removable antennas

·         802.11ac / TriBand WiFi

·         1 WAN port, 8 1 Gbit / sLAN ports, and 1 USB port 2.0 Throughput maximum: 859.5 megabits per second 11.2 x 11.2 x 7.6 inch Dimensions


The purpose of the purchase

·         Excellent performance

·         Three-band design

·         Customization possibilities

·         Security Software

Reasons to stay away

·         Large

·         The Antenna Isn't Visible

The TPLinkArcher C5400X was formerly the go-to gaming router, and it remains the finest alternative for gamers who don't want to pay for WiFi6.

It offers the finest 802.11ac performance on a single home network device, with best-in-class tri-band speeds of 1 Gbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 2.167 Gbps each in two 5 GHz channels. It also has outstanding coverage over 100 feet, allowing most homes to have a strong and clear Wi-Fi signal.

While the spider-like 8-antenna design and Red on black colorway are certainly eye-catching, the device's main selling point is a suite of optimization and security features that will satisfy even the most discerning power users.

This router gives customers outstanding performance for gaming and other uses, thanks to powerful bandwidth allocation features that allow it to employ high throughput.


Nighthawk XR1000 Great Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router