Why you should try getting Google Knowledge Panel listing
You have just moved into a new area and you’re looking for good restaurants with luxury dining. Being a tech-savvy, you just slide out your smartphone from your pocket and start typing in Google “Best restaurants with luxury dining near me”. You get a map on your screen with a lot of choices. These are some of the fine restaurants in your area which offer luxury dining. You just scroll down the list and find a restaurant with the good rating of 4 stars and 9 people have reviewed it. Not convinced with the number of reviews you decide to scroll down further and come across a restaurant with no rating and reviews. Instead, it asks “Own this business?” When did it happen? Perplexed, you scroll down more and come across an option with 4.4-star ratings and reviewed by 89 people. You even see a blue checkmark on this one. Once you start building up some more interest in this restaurant you see that many users have asked questions pertaining to this restaurant and these questions were answered by the restaurant itself. Isn’t it persuasive? Not only this restaurant wins your favour, but you’re also confident enough about taking your partner on a date to this restaurant.
The above scenario patently portrays the efficacy of Google Knowledge Panel. You chose a good restaurant without going through any hassle of opening and browsing different websites. The Knowledge Panel serves the purpose of assisting tech-savvy millennials, without taking much of their time.
What is Knowledge Panel?
Whenever you search for a business or any other topic on Google, you may come across a box that appears on your screen with the information related to your search term. This box is the knowledge Panel and it helps people with reaching out to your business.


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It is just a tool to serve the users with the most relevant information related to their query. It contains the basic information about the business such as name, ratings, reviews, images, description, contact details, and address. The Knowledge Panel not only contains information about businesses, even movies, and places have Knowledge Panel listings. So saying that Knowledge Panel is omnipresent on Google won’t be an exaggerated statement.
How does Knowledge Panel help your business?
Considering the scenario explained in the first paragraph, it’s obvious that the Knowledge Panel plays a pivotal role in connecting the potential customers with your business. It not only unsnarls the complicated task of searching by just providing the relevant information to the users, but it also convinces the customers to bestow their faith in your business. Provided it says good about your business.
Millennials prefer avoiding the time-consuming tasks. They always hunt for the ways to simplify a task and make it less challenging. This is why the knowledge Panel is a perfect tool for them. If your business too has Knowledge Panel listings, then it could be a real game-changer for your business. It will provide a perfect visibility of your business and users would be able to reach you while skipping your competitors.
How can you work on getting a Knowledge Panel?
In the search results, whether or not your business is shown in Google Knowledge Panel strictly depends upon the factors like distance and the relevance of your business to the user,s query. Google uses an algorithm which determines whether or not a customer will be interested in your business. Only if your business has relevant information for the user’s query, then your business will appear in the Panel.

While verifying your business wouldn’t guarantee you the Knowledge Panel listings, but still, it is recommended to verify your business, to provide the accurate and the relevant information to the customers. Having a verified profile on Google My Business would lead to some authority over the content displayed regarding your business.

Here are a few tips on how to get the Knowledge Panel for your business:
– Turn your business into a brand and spread the word: Start with claiming a brand name for your corporate headquarters and all locations across the major social media platforms. You must consider creating and optimizing a Google+ brand page and other social media profiles such as a YouTube channel, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. associated with it. Also, you should claim profiles on Glassdoor and other recruiting sites and some prominent local business directories that are in conjunction with the interest of your business. Google also fetches its data from Wikidata and Wikipedia, which makes it essential having a listing there.
– Have a responsive website: Though the number of smartphone users is a whopping one, however, there is still a huge number of users who browse the internet through laptops and computers. Having a responsive website which could be loaded and used on any platform conveniently is a definite must!

– Increase the search demand for your business: Google my business page is an efficient tool to draw in more users. Engage your audience with Google my Business posts, it allows you to promote events, publish offers, and allows the customers to buy the desired product and service.
Your thoughts?

Well, certainly, Knowledge Panel offers a great opportunity to the professionals and businesses to connect with the existing and potential customers. Furthermore, it provides customers with immediate results and fewer clicks to content that they may be looking for hence, being a time-efficient asset.