In this Internet age, the term ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO is much relevant. There are many elements which are considered an integral part of SEO and one among these is keyword. In fact, keyword research is of much scope owing to the influence it has on the search engine rankings. However, the ‘long tail’ keyword category is looked down upon by many SEO experts except a few like those who render services concerned with search engine optimization in Canada . In fact, many topnotch companies like Servercenter Search Engine Optimization have begun to realize the importance of long tail keywords and instructs the SEO specialists working with Servercenter SEO to deal this aspect in detail.

When we refer to ‘long tail’, you can visualize a Chinese dragon. In other words, this phrase could be considered as a visual metaphor and could be represented graphically as given below:

If we were to create a graph of keyword popularity for the entire web, only a few words or phrases like Facebook, child development, etc. would turn up as per the amount of searches conducted. Interestingly, those search terms which represent “the head part” of the dragon, are responsible for only a small percentage of the entire searches happening, depending on the way you measure. The next fifteen to twenty percent of searches generate from mid-length keywords which imply that around seventy percent of the page views happen due to the involvement of long tail keywords. In other words, the tail of the dragon goes on continuously.

To understand it as a definition, ‘long tail’ keywords refer to longer as well as specific keyword phrases which the visitors use more likely when they reach near to a point when they make the purchase or when they employ voice search. Handling long tail keywords involves establishing fruitful connections between the concerned business and the prospective customers. For example, if u search the term ‘dining table’, there are less chances that you would come closer to making a purchase. Instead if you search for a more specific phrase like ‘rosewood glass-topped rubella fabric dining table’, you would be more prepared to make a purchase right there because you are sure about what you search for.

Interestingly, you may not be able to draw much traffic with long tail keywords compared to commonly used keywords, but the traffic you attract would be more committed, focused, and also keen on seeking your services.

With smaller keywords, the race for getting onto the top rankings can be much higher, but the traffic generated would be much scattered and may offer only a low Return on Investment (ROI). With the correct implementation of long tail keywords, you may be attracting only a negligible amount of traffic, but the ROI would prove to be excellent.

Long tail keywords are quite crucial for businesses that want their content to get ranked in the search engine results list. Moreover, advertisers who carry out paid search marketing activities find them more valuable because when you place a bid on a particular long-tail keyword, the cost-per-click is definitely lower as there is no competition. By focusing upon long, specific long-tail keywords during the AdWords promotional campaigns, you are able to obtain higher rankings pertaining to related searches, without shedding out additional payment for each click. The strategy which could be applied here is to find a list of renewable and reliable source of long tail keywords which is appropriate for the concerned business or brand or whatnot.

In short, if you are able to understand about how long tail keywords function, you can make the most out of it and reap greater benefits.