Home automation comprises use of devices, electronic apps for transforming your home into a completely auto-functional house, imparting greater comfort to you. The advent of modern electronics which can be controlled through mobile apps and make use of Internet of Things for being functional, has completely changed the way we operate our homes.

Use of smart lights, smart switches along with modern wifi routers and a slew of various other devices for performing even the most basic of tasks is the hallmark of a modern smart home. Here are some of the ways in which you can make different spaces of your home ‘smart’.

The living room:

Turning off the lights in your living room is no hard deal. But sometimes we forget to do so. In that particular situation, smart bulbs are a better option than normal ones as they can be controlled with a single swipe of your finger.

Features of smart bulbs:

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Lasts much longer than normal bulb
  • Easy to install
  • Change the colour using the mobile app
  • Dimming the light is also possible
  • Schedule time slots (on/off)

The scheduling feature acts as a safety precaution too. When you are on vacation or simply not at home, you can easily put on the lights, so that burglars stay away from your house. And this feature is also helpful when you are at the front porch fumbling with your keys. You can easily switch on the lights using your mobile app without stepping into your house. This feature comes in very handy in tackling day-to-day life.

The Ultimate Kitchen:

If your kitchen is a common gathering place one can easily opt for a smart speaker that can be controlled through your home app, can be easily installed on your smartphone as an app. The kitchen is where favourable flavours and aromas are filled with. But what if next time you make food and your favourite music are playing in the background. It is an ideal way to transform your kitchen into a happening place.

Features of smart speakers:

  • Compatible in a plethora of languages
  • Easy to install through a mobile application
  • Implement the update
The essential use of smart speakers

  • Acts as a knowledgeable buddy for you in the kitchen
  • Gives you the necessary tips and tricks
  • Ask for a recipe
  • Bored of making the same recipe, you can ask your smart speaker to tell you some different recipes for you.
  • Set up a scheduled alarm for your recipe or your face mask to get it dry.
  • Easily get an updated news model without stepping into the living room to watch TV
  • Easily make calls
  • When bored play games
  • Ask any question and you will be amazed by its accuracy rate. The accuracy rate is 99% and the understanding rate is 100%
Air Conditioning and Heating Systems:

You may program your air conditioning and heating systems to use less energy at particular times of the day, such as when you're at work or sleeping. A smart thermostat is a great way to save time and money while also reducing your carbon footprint. It's simple to use, and its motion sensor detects when people are nearby, so it can even program itself by learning your typical daily routine. You can manually regulate the temperature to your comfort level for the first several weeks after it's installed. After that, it will begin automatically altering the temperature based on the patterns it discovered throughout the learning time.

Handle your smart laundry rooms smartly:

When you open the washing machine to add a new load, you smell mildewed garments and realize you have entirely neglected to transfer the previous day's damp load to the dryer. You sigh, restart the washer, and cross your fingers that you won't forget this time. If this is one of your everyday issues then it’s time to switch on to a smart washer that can not only notify you when a load is finished but also reminds you to switch it to the dryer mode too, so in case you forget to switch the clothes to dryer mode, this problem is readily solved. Apart from washing and automatically switching to dryer mode, it can also sense the size of the load and adjust the detergent and water levels accordingly. So your work is done in a minute. You just need to control it through your mobile app.