Android TV Box is a streaming device that allows you to connect to your TV and watch streaming services such as Netflix. These services are typically only available on portable devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, or smart TVs. These TV boxes are sometimes referred to as streaming players or set-top boxes. The Android TV box is connected to the back of the TV via an HDMI port. You can access various streaming services and apps on your TV instead of your tablet or laptop without needing a cast by setting the box.

This information will discuss one such STB known as XTV 5G Meelo Plus XTV 5G Set Top Box for TV- Android Dual Band.

Let’s take a look at its key features

  • It comes with android 9.0
  • Has a 2GB DDR3
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 16 GB eMMC
  • IR remote
  • You’ll be able to view 3D Graphics clearly because of the following:
  • Concurrent multi-core processing
  • Full scene over-sampled 4X anti-aliasing engine with no additional bandwidth usage.
  • OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 support: this means an attractive user interface

Here are other details related to Port that will help you in understanding a bit more about the STB

  • It comes with a DC5V 2A adapter
  • HDTV cable
  • 2 USB ports
  • A MicroSD card
  • An audio/ video port
  • Ethernet connectivity

LED: once the STB is switched on, the color of the LED will turn blue, and once it’s switched off, it will turn Red

USB: it comes with two 2.0 high-speed USB ports, which means you can connect your USB mouse, keyboards speakers etc. It comes with a 10/100 M LAN.

Wi-Fi: it comes with a 2.4G/% Wi-Fi support and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, which means the STB will broadcast the compatible signal at that very moment.

It has mouse/Keyboard compatibility: you can use your Set-top box with a keyboard and a mouse using the USB port. As the USB support is 2.4G, the keyboard and mouse dongle supported will be 2.4g too.

Video format supported: the video format supported by the set-top box is    AVS+ 001080P @60fps, H.265 4K @60fps 10btis, H.264 4K @30fps and VP9 Profile 2

Picture decoding: the STB supports image files in the format of jpg, .mpg, .dat, .wmv, .mpeg, . mp4, .mov, .iso,.

   Music:  the music files supported by the set-top box is MP3, AAc, RM, FLAC, WMA, Ogg, which is programmable with 71./5.1 down-mixing Built-in stereo and an audio DAC

Languages supported the Set-top box supports various languages like English, Germany, Korean, English etc.

DRM: (digital rights management) the set-top box is secured by Microsoft Playready (PlayReady is the industry’s leading content distribution and management platform for entertainment goods and services. Microsoft PlayReady provides seamless sharing of protected content between devices and people.) Verimatrix, google Widevine, Level 1 supported and Google Widevine Level 3, which means all your digital content will stay secured.

 The system used by the Set-top Box is MYTV Online (mytel subscribers can enjoy the live TV channels and movies), Xtream codes, M3U Middleware STB media and clean memory.

Lastly, the set-top box comes with a gift box, an HD cable, an IR remote control and a user manual.